CE Above the Floor Tools - solutions for surface and equipment cleaning in cleanrooms

The Vileda Professional CE Above the Floor tools are cleaning tools specifically designed for surfaces and equipment in Controlled Environments and cleanrooms. These specialty tools are customised to clean and disinfect all areas of cleanrooms that are hard to reach such as pipes, flexible curtains and equipment. 
All CE Above the Floor tools use Controlled Environment compatible microfibre covers and sleeves which are proven materials that make up an extension of our current CE floor cleaning systems. This product line meets CE requirements up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C, D - ensuring germ-free surfaces and excellent microbiological control within Pharma, Medical Device, Biopharma, Healthcare and Microelectronics Industries. Vileda Professional CE Above the Floor tools allow you to achieve your contact time requirements for common disinfectants and still reach an excellent cleaning performance with low particle shedding and up to 99.99% bacteria removal*.

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For all above the floor surfaces and equipment cleaning in Controlled Environments

Vileda Professional CE Above the Floor tools allow professional cleanroom users to operate within the required cleanroom specifications in laboratories, in pharmaceutical or semi-conductor production. All Vileda Professional Above the Floor cleaning tools for Controlled Environments:

  • meet CE requirements up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C, D,
  • are fully autoclavable,
  • are robust constructions that allow you to apply the needed pressure while cleaning,
  • allow efficient removal of particles,
  • avoid contamination traps on the tool itself
  • enable you to reach pipes, equipment, ceilings, flexible curtains, etc.

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Versatile CE cleaning tools for various hard to reach surfaces in Controlled Environments  

The Vileda Professional CE Above the Floor tools are manufactured for use in Controlled Environments where maximum contamination control is needed. 

  • CE Softwall Cleaner™: This cleaning tool is specifically designed to clean soft wall curtains that separate zones within cleanrooms. Due to the durable electro-polished stainless-steel and aluminium construction and the “shotgun principle” design higher pressures can be applied during cleaning. This product is made to be used with the MicroIntensive L Cover and also allows you to use it combined with telescopic handle functionality. This reusable tool is fully autoclavable.
  • CE Tank Cleaner™:  The CE Tank Cleaner is designed to clean tanks, pipes and other equipment with round surfaces in cleanrooms. Thanks to the robust electro-polished stainless-steel material this autoclavable tool is highly durable. Since it is pre-bent to a 9" radius it is easy to adjust to fit inner and outer tank walls. This tool can be used either with just a short handle for tight spaces or a telescopic handle for hard to reach areas. It is designed to be used with the MicroIntensive L Cover.
  • CE MultiSurface Cleaner™: This tool is constructed to effortlessly clean all hard to reach or uneven surfaces and also pipes. With its outstanding versatility and durability, it is a CE cleaning essential. It is manufactured out of high-performance plastics as well as stainless-steel parts. The CE MultiSurface Cleaner is autoclavable. It is designed to be used with the MicroIntensive L Sleeve.
  • Telescopic Handle Maxi: This 270-464 cm Maxi handle comes with color-coded rings (blue, red, yellow, green) to avoid cross-contamination. It attaches to our CE Tank Cleaner and CE MultiSurface Cleaner.

High-quality cleaning covers and sleeves

We offer reusable and single-use covers and sleeves with our CE Above the Floor Tools. All of these are high-quality products that withstand application of high pressure.
The MicronSwep® CleanRoom Cover and the MicronSwep® CleanRoom Sleeve are reusable 3-layer-constructions made for use with the CE Softwall Cleaner,the CE Tank Cleaner and the CE MultiSurface Cleaner. The high absorbency, easy gliding and low particle shedding ensure an excellent cleaning performance. The MicronSwep Cleanroom Covers and Sleeves are serviced and distributed exclusively via our CE Laundry partners.

The MicroIntensive™ L Cover  is made to be combined with the CE Softwall Cleaner and the CE Tank Cleaner, whereas the MicroIntensive™ L Sleeve  is to be used with the CE MultiSurface Cleaner. Both single-use products are pre-laundered. Their excellent absorbency combined with their easy gliding and low particle shedding enables a cleaning performance at the highest level.
All covers and sleeves by Vileda Professional that find application in Controlled Environment cleaning remove 99.99%* of bacteria, germs and viruses from even the hardest to reach surfaces in cleanrooms. These covers and sleeves are ideal for pre-preparation as well as for spray pre-moisterizing.

All of our CE products have been tested and validated by a third party and by our own lab. Contact us directly for further information on certificates and test reports.

*certified by BMA laboratories

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