Vileda Professional Download Center – get additional information on our innovative cleaning systems

Vileda Professional Download Center – get additional information on our innovative cleaning systems

Als einer der weltweit führenden Anbieter von effizienten Reinigungslösungen sehen wir Bildung als Teil unseres Angebots. Unser Ziel ist es, unser Wissen über professionelle Reinigung weiterzugeben - so können unsere Stakeholder und Kunden maximale Effizienz bei ihren Reinigungsprozessen erreichen und die Qualität von Vileda Professional in vollem Umfang erleben. Im Folgenden erhalten Sie weitere Einblicke und Informationsmaterial zur richtigen Anwendung unserer innovativen Reinigungssysteme.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass unser ergänzendes Informationsmaterial keine Gebrauchsanweisung oder Anleitung unserer Vileda Professional Experten ersetzt. Wenn Sie Fragen zu den bereitgestellten Materialien haben oder weitere Unterstützung benötigen, wählen Sie bitte unten Ihr Land aus und wenden Sie sich über unser Kontaktformular an uns.


General Information Material

As one of the global leaders in developing and manufacturing efficient cleaning solutions for professional users in various application areas, quality at its best is our standard. Our products as well as our global production units have been awarded according to several ISO-certifications. All our products are individually matched to your demands and needs during the cleaning process. 

Additionally, the majority of our product span has been validated by independent test institutes – we offer only tested quality with proven durability and reliability.


Cleaning Trolleys

With many features and even more configuration options, Vileda Professional’s Cleaning Trolley s offer the perfect solution to clean large areas easier and more effective. The economical design of our Cleaning Trolleys is developed for daily cleaning business in which functionality and efficiency are key factors

The Cleaning Trolleys from Vileda Professional allow an easy handling of large amounts of cleaning supplies and are suitable to be used along our cleaning products. With Vileda Professional’s Trolleys, needed supplies are easy to reach at any time.


Floor Cleaning

Vileda Professional’s supplies for floor cleaning and mopping systems  allow an efficient cleaning in all environments. Vileda Professional developed a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions: From the standard leading Swep pre-prepared system, through to the UltraSpeed Pro, UltraSpeed Mini and SuperMop. 

We guarantee better results and performance by choosing the perfect system for your requirements – depending on size, floor coverings, volume of traffic, hygiene as well as health and safety standards.


Cleaning Cloths

Vileda Professional’s Cleaning Cloths  allow cleaning and sanitizing in one step. Made from high-quality microfibres, many of Vileda Professional cloths are externally certified to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria with just water. When used along disinfection chemicals, you double your protection as you combine removal and disinfection in one efficient process.

With Vileda Professional’s Cleaning Cloths, you wipe every surface gently and thoroughly – even greasy and fatty dirt can be tackled with ease without leaving any streaks.


Cleaning Gloves

As a professional employer, the safety of as well as the cleaning staff’s protection and health is one of the biggest priorities. Vileda Professional offers a wide range of cleaning gloves , that meet the regulations and standards for personal protective equipment. In order to guarantee the best protection, it is important to select the right glove for the job.

With Vileda Professional’s cleaning gloves, you will be able to allow the highest standard of safety while remaining best wearing comfort.