CE UltraSpeed Pro

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CE UltraSpeed Pro

The Controlled Environment UltraSpeed Pro is a professional bucket and mopping system that ensures effective contamination control in highly sensitive areas. Specifically developed to thoroughly clean, disinfect and sterilize Controlled Environments, this Vileda Professional cleaning system can be used for cleanrooms up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C/D

Due to its high quality and outstanding performance, professionals of Pharma, MedDevice, BioPharma, Healthcare, and Microelectronics industries use the Controlled Environment UltraSpeed Pro to ensure the hygienic purity of their Controlled Environments. The innovative bucket and wringer system provides cleanrooms at your site with hygienically clean and germ-free floors, walls and ceilings.

The Controlled Environment product range by Vileda Professional reduces the risk of cross-contamination in professional spaces, e.g. in laboratories and in pharmaceutical or semi-conductor production. All of our CE Controlled Environment products have been certified by independent institutes.

Contact us directly for further support. We provide complete contamination control solutions incl. planning, trial programs and training.

The solution for effective and reliable cleanroom cleaning

Our Vileda Professional contamination solutions deliver the required disinfection results for safe facilities. Whether it is about cleaning floors, walls or ceilings in a cleanroom: The Controlled Environment UltraSpeed Pro enables you to remove critical particles and control the moisture level of the mop for consistent disinfection. Our effective 2-bucket and wringer system contains a 25l bucket and 10l bucket. The cleaning system’s compact chassis requires minimum space and is ideal for sites with limited storage.

Experience the many benefits of the Controlled Environment UltraSpeed Pro:

  • All system parts are fully autoclavable
  • Mops with strong & durable loop construction (100% microfibre)
  • High absorbency & low particle shedding 
  • Touchless mop wringer
  • Easy to use & compact 
  • 25l bucket and 10l bucket
  • Lightweight & ergonomic chassis

Professional system for maximum hygiene in highly sensitive areas

Vileda Professional experts designed the Controlled Environment UltraSpeed Pro as a superior system for cleanrooms. It stands for highest convenience and efficiency: The bucket and mopping system is easy to use and thorough in eliminating micro-organic contaminations. Our professional cleanroom system is made of four parts:

Discover our high-quality Vileda Professional products for excellent results. We provide customers with the most effective and efficient cleaning utensils specifically designed for Controlled Environments. Use a bucket and mopping system that is suitable for the needs of the Controlled Environment Industries

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