CE Swep Single Use mopping offer

CE Swep Single Use mopping offer Komponenten

CE Swep Single Use mopping offer

Vileda Professional works to optimise cleaning in controlled environments offering functional and sterile utensils. We offer cleaning solutions and innovative equipment for professional cleanroom users and provide you with cleanroom products with proven quality that allow you to operate within required specifications. 

The CE Swep Single Use mops ensure effective cleaning and full contamination control which are key to profitable production of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and delicate microelectronics. Our disposable cleanroom mops avoid particle shedding, help you clean faster and more effectively and to lower total costs.

Vileda Professional is a competent partner to help professional CE users with the right solution in almost all situations. Get in contact with us for further support. We provide complete contamination control solutions incl. planning, trial programs and training.

Features of CE Swep Single Use — disposable cleanroom mops by Vileda Professional

Designed for the use in cleanrooms up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C/D within Pharma, MedDevice, BioPharma, Healthcare and Microelectronics Industries, CE Swep Single Use supports you with an outstanding cleaning performance. The high-quality material and design of the disposable cleanroom mops ensure a germ-free surface and excellent microbiological control. The adhesive-free lamination techniques are used to prevent additional contamination to your products. By changing to a new clean mop head for every room or area, cross-contamination is avoided effectively.

 Additional benefits are:

  • One cleaning tool for floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Bacteria reduction of up to 99.99%
  • Tested and validated by our own labs as well as by a third party — contact us for all certificates and test reports 
  • High absorbency, easy gliding and low particle shedding
  • Suitable for the pre-prepared method

The Pre-prepared method avoids the risk of cross-contamination

Using pre-prepared mops is the superior way to achieve a controlled cleaning process. The mops are pre-saturated evenly through an effective way of pre-preparation - just fold the mops in the pre-boxes and use the sieve to dose the liquid. The result is avoidance of contamination and no more heavy buckets or trolleys with chemicals or disinfectants in your cleanroom.

Vileda CE Swep Single Use — meet the highest cleanroom standards 

Each Vileda Professional disposable cleanroom mop is designed to support the required disinfection results in Controlled Environments. We focus on high cleaning performance, strong disinfecting lay-down and great ergonomics. When cleaning with products from Vileda Professional Controlled Environment you meet the high ISO and GMP cleanroom standards. CE Swep Single Use can be combined with various parts of our cleanroom solutions to ensure that you operate with a tailor-made cleaning concept to fit your specific requirements.

Find more disposable cleanroom solutions in our product catalogue such as our CE Wipes and a variety of other additional products from the Controlled Environment range, like the Cleanroom Trolley or the Cleanroom Pre Prepared Trolley.  

Contact us and get further information on the Vileda Professional CE Swep Single Use.