CE Roll-O-Matic

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CE Roll-O-Matic

Your Cleanroom and controlled environment space are our focus. Vileda Professional offers you sponge roller mops with proven quality that allow professional Cleanroom users to operate within the required specifications. CE Roll-O-Matic sponge roller mops avoid particle shedding and help you to clean faster, more effective and at lower total costs

The Vileda Professional Stainless Steel and Aluminium Extendable Roll-O-Matic handles with sponge refills apply disinfectant, clean surfaces or absorb spills in all production and controlled environments. The sponge roller mops are designed for the use in cleanrooms up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C/D within Pharma, Medical Device, Biopharma, Healthcare and Microelectronics Industries.

They are manufactured to resist continued exposure to the common chemicals and disinfectants used in the controlled environment marketplace. Vileda Professional CE Roll-O-Matic sponge roller mops are ideal to use on walls, floors, and ceilings e.g., in laboratories, in pharmaceutical or semi-conductor production. 

Our cleanroom mops allow you to achieve your contact time requirements for common disinfectants, and still reach an excellent cleaning performance. 

Get in contact with us for further support. We provide complete contamination control solutions incl. planning, trial programs and training. 

CE Roll-O-Matic: Vileda Professional's sponge roller mop for effective contamination control 

If you choose Vileda Professional CE Roll-O-Matic sponge roller mops, you benefit from versatile benefits that fit highest hygiene standards in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Such as: 

  • Self-wringing for fast & easy handling
  • Germ-free surface and excellent microbiological control
  • Designed for use in cleanrooms up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C/D
  • Ergonomic grips help to prevent work fatigue 
  • Autoclavable at the most common autoclave cycles
  • All Roll-O-Matic handles are manufactured specifically to fit Vileda Professional manufactured refills 
  • Mop heads are tested for possible particle release

All of our CE products have been tested and validated by a third party and by our own lab. Contact us directly for further information on certificates and test reports.

Roll-O-Matic self-wringing cleanroom mop handles

The Vileda Professional self-wringing cleanroom mops are ideal when it comes to cleaning surfaces or absorbing spills in all production and controlled environments on floors, walls, and ceilings. The Vileda Professional Roll-O-Matic Original Galvanized Steel sponge roller mop is the best choice when seeking a mop to apply disinfectant. Its straight handle enables the user to use the “Pull and Lift” technique with both sides of the mop. The straight head design allows to flip the mop head after a specific number of strokes for an extended use between wrings. 

The Roll-O-Matic Original Stainless Steel Sponge Roller Mop Handle and the Roll-O-Matic Cleanroom Sponge Roller Mop with Aluminum Extendable Handle are manufactured to resist repeated autoclave cycles and continually being exposed to the common chemicals and disinfectants used in the controlled environment marketplace. It is ideal for sterile cleaning tasks and for the use in areas where it is crucial to prevent cross contamination. Furthermore, coloured tabs (blue, red, green, and yellow) incorporated into the top of the handle allow a proper colour coding for the cleaning equipment.

Refills for the Roll-O-Matic-System  

The Vileda Professional Roll-O-Matic sponge mop refills contain a new “Advanced technology” foam which is manufactured specifically for the controlled environment industry, allowing 25% more liquid absorption and two times more liquid release than competing foams. The CE foam absorbs liquids four times quicker than common foam refills. Each refill is extremely durable and perfect for spill pick-up. Furthermore, they are completely autoclavable, resistant to gamma and ETO sterilization as well as being individually packaged and lot number controlled.  All Vileda Professional brand refills are ideal for use with the “Pull and Lift” technique most commonly used in controlled environments. 

The Roll-O-Matic CE “Universal” Sponge Refill is ideal for the use within all controlled environments. It absorbs spills, cleans particles and applies disinfectant easily.

The Roll-O-Matic CE “Clean” Sponge Refill with Microfiber Lamination allows a tear-free cleaning of contaminants and residues, while also applying disinfectant to the surfaces. Unlike other competitive products, the microfiber is laminated to the foam without the use of adhesives, which could contaminate surfaces.

The Roll-O-Matic CE “Disinfect” Sponge Refill with Polyester Lamination allows a tear-free application of disinfectants, cleaning and spill absorption. It evenly distributes disinfectants, allowing optimization of manufacturer recommended contact times. Again, the polyester is laminated to the foam without adhesives, which could contaminate surfaces.

Vileda Professional products provide you with best-quality cleaning options for your cleanroom. Browse our whole product selection and contact us for further information and support.